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Agentika in details:

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We pay you back 1%
of the cost of tickets
purchased using
jetradar.com *
Jetradar.com affiliate program
for Agentika's users

How does it work?

You are going to buy tickets on jetradar.com and want us to pay you back 1% of the cost of tickets? All you have to do is go to jetradar.com using special link:

To get your affiliate link you need

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Right after signing in you will find here your personal affiliate link to jetradar.com

Clicking on this link will take you to jetradar.com, where you can buy tickets as usual. All the prices and your personal discounts will be same as if you get to jetradar.com directly. But due to tha fact that you have used the affiliate link, you will receive a commission of the cost of tickets to your Agentika's account. During 30 days after clicking the affiliate link any ticket you buy on jetradar.com will give you commission (you should use the same PC and the same browser as you used for clicking the link).

Partner program conditions

  1. * the exact commission is established by jetradar.com and can vary in the range from 0.9% to 1.2%; conversion from purchase currency to Russian rubles occurs by rate of Central Bank at the purchase date; cash back is not paid for the tickets of the following airlines: airasia.com, ryanair.com, bangkokair.com, tiger.com и jetstar.com;
  2. Your commission will be transferred to your Agentika's account within 7 days after the end of your flight (possibly earlier for certain bookings);
  3. You can spend the money, accumulated on your Agentika's account, in the system or withdraw them to PayPal or Yandex.Money account using the link in your profile on Agentika.com. Withdraw commission to PayPal or Yandex.Money is 10%;
  4. The history of your earnings from affiliate program will be available in your profile.
  5. If you have any questions regarding affiliate program, please use the feedback form.
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