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What is this?

This is our answer to eternal question of independent travelers: how to enjoy travelling and be paid for that? They say “the best job is a highly paid hobby” and we became obsessed with this idea.

Who is it for?

Simple: for those who loves travelling! Or even more, for those who cannot imagine their lives without travelling.

How it works?

Simple, too.

  1. You create a place in the System (and become its owner).
  2. Other users add places they like into their travels using our convenient Travel Planner.
  3. Finally, users can thank you for your places with a “thanks fee” after their travel is planned.

Many a little make a mickle. Let it be, say, 1 rouble (about 3 cents) for a place.

Any doubts that there are 1 million people in the world who wish to see Pantheon, Coliseum or St. Peter's Basilica? If they add any of these places to their travels that would make… just imagine… 1 000 000 roubles (about $30,000) for a single place! Not bad, what do you think?

What means to be the “owner of the place”?

You become the owner of a place you create in the System. No one else will be able to create a place like this (representing the same place in the world) thanks to our automated control of duplicating places. This means that after creating a place you will receive dividends from it forever.

What is a Travel Planner?

This is a tool on our website which will relieve you from the burden of scattered notes, printouts and thick travel guides you had to take with you before when travelling. With Travel Planner you just collect places and articles you want into a sort of shopping cart on our website. Then you can either export everything into a single tidy PDF or download your travel data into the mobile application and access it wherever you go it even without Internet.

Why should travelers use Planner and pay for it?

Just because it is convenient! We know that travel planning may easily turn into stressful and time demanding process of seeking and checking information you can trust. To be honest, we see no reason for not using the Planner. Maybe just except for one reason…

But! Winston Churchill once said: “Time and money are interchangeable”. We are sure that some 100 roubles (about 3 dollars) as a thanks fee for a travel is much cheaper than 2 hours spent surfing the Internet looking for valuable information (among tons of trash, to be sincere). We believe you could use this time for having fun, couldn’t you?

You have to admit that people who helped you in travel planning and saved you a lot of time and nerves deserve to be rewarded. We think that a thanks is a natural reaction of a normal person to receiving a help.

We believe sincerely that independent traveler is an adequate and responsible person who values his own time and the time of others.

What is a “thanks fee”?

Some call it “donation” but we think the concept of donation does not really fit here because it means supporting somebody rather than thanking.

We plan to make the fee itself mandatory while the amount that will be transferred to the content authors can be chosen by the user.

Yes, you can pay 1 rouble (about 3 cents)…

But! Fellows, you should not confuse our service with a “free lunch” so please remember: we consider the thanks fee to be your estimation of this service and content. If you keep using it but think the information has no value or is not interesting or you do not like Travel Planner and express your attitude by paying the minimal fee then then we will not hold you tight and even will recommend you some other sources of information... before blocking your profile. We find it fair.

But if you really like what you get then (like any other normal person) you will want to thank people who helped you.

Still doubted?

Well, you may.

But! Do not forget that independent travelling gains more popularity every year. As a result the demand for reliable information and convenient travel planning services grows up. And here it depends on you. What if this project becomes a star in one day but all places of interest are already created by others? No regrets? Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien?

For our heroes who reached these lines…

Show more details about the System.

What kind of places can be created in the System?

Any kind of places that an independent traveler may need. Sightseeing, urban infrastructure, shops, markets, playgrounds, ATMs, Wi-Fi hotspots, etc. In future we plan to have all places in the World . At least the System has no restrictions on that.

Who controls the quality of the content?

Quality and reliability of information about place or article is controlled by the users themselves with a “report an error” function after which the System automatically sends notification to the author of the content. If the author does not react the remark will be communicated to administrators and the ratings of the content and author we be reduced.

User rating affects rating of the content he or she created and vice versa — popularity of the content affects user’s individual rating. The more popular is the place the more it will be added to travels and thus more benefit the author will receive. It is a closed self-contained system where users are interested in quality of what they are writing.

How the payment is organized?

When exporting a travel to PDF or downloading it into the mobile application a user will be able to “thank-fee” authors whose information was used in the travel.

Deducting a commission that will be used to support and develop the System we transfer the money to internal accounts of the authors. The author may withdraw the money from the system or spend them within the System itself.

You will see the money flow in the “Internal account” section of your personal profile page on the website.

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