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Guzu Machinery GZT series self priming 6 inch trash pump

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The advantages of Guzu self priming trash pump are as follow: 1, can finish pumping accumulated water for one-time, while other pumps (such as submersible sewage pumps, submersible pumps) can not. 2, equipped with diesel engine, which can be started immediately in different working condition.
Guzu self priming trash pump / self priming sewage pump features
1. Self-priming height of 7.6 meters, can be easily installed in the high place for easy maintenance and control (can be equipped with carts, trailers, hangers, support feet, if necessary, can add noise cover)
2. There is a viewing port in front of the pump. If the impeller is wound or stuck, you can open the observation port and take it out for further maintenance.
3. There is a check valve in the wet prime pump, so there is no need for a bottom valve to prevent backflow of liquid in the pump casing.
4. The built-in wear plate prevents the impeller from being directly rubbed after the impeller is jammed or wound, and only needs to replace the wear plate.
5. Bearing housings with heavy-duty bearings are suitable for direct start or drive through a belt, and the extension of a standard-sized shaft can be easily connected to a coupling or pulley.
6. Optional packing seal, single mechanical seal, double mechanical seal, external coating lubricant along the shaft, no gas and liquid leakage (according to user requirements)
7. The pump cart or trailer is equipped with IP55 waterproof control box with star/delta starter, motor with electromagnetic thermal protection and emergency brake button.
8. Water that can pump large amounts of air, such as well point precipitation (extracting groundwater), drainage of horizontal pipes (sudden burst of pipes requires emergency repair), flooding and drainage of rainwater.
9. The interval between maintenance operations is long. Under the standard use, it takes 10,000 hours to replace the impeller, which is equivalent to more than one year.
10. No matter whether there is air in the suction pipe, the pump can always work quickly and well. (Ordinary centrifugal pumps do not meet this requirement)
11. Convenient and fast, it can be drained to the site for 15-30 seconds, no need to fill the pump casing, the suction distance is 8 meters (the drive has engine drive and motor drive)
12. Safety, many working conditions now use submersible pump drainage, first need to connect the power supply trouble, and then the power supply is easy to leak, the submersible pump is easy to burn when the water is drained to bring safety hazards to the construction workers. Finally, the submersible pump has a small amount of water and low efficiency. Mining Water Pump
13. Environmental protection. Now the country is required to reach the European level in environmental protection. Our engine driven trash pump can be installed with soundproof hoods up to 75 decibels (now the general first-tier cities require noise below 76 decibels), which means that they can be constructed at night.
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