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My import business from China

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Three years into my import business, I had an issue with the varied quotes I received each time I wanted to ship my household goods from Shenzhen. So, I stopped the rushing and started to understand the processes involved in shipping from China to the UK. I really wanted to know what the ‘standard’ import fee was, and why I wasn’t getting a flat rate all along. But that was not the only problem I had with my first freight forwarder; my shipment would arrive around 20 days after the promised date, and it would sometimes come damaged, and they’d put all the blame on the airlines which is so unprofessional and disappointing. When I connected all the dots, I realized that something dodgy was happening and had to change the way I do things, including changing my freight forwarder. I was even considering terminating my business because shipping was gobbling up a lot of money, so the returns weren’t worth it.
I got a few recommendations from sister companies about better freight forwarders, and also did my own research. After sampling a few companies, something stood out; Chinafreight co-reviews were quite appealing. So I went ahead and scheduled a call with their customer representative. They gladly answered all my questions, and I felt it was time I gave it a shot. 
As most people would, I was nervous and skeptic about using a different freight forwarder. But I tried China Freight and my shipping experience changed for good! Everything was just fast and straightforward; like having a partner who is ready to help you out in China. My package came in record time, just as I had been promised. I can’t thank China Freight enough for the personal service I received from Anna, their customer representative. It’s only fair to disclose that I received a very reasonable transportation cost and a quicker shipping turnaround. Unlike before, my package arrived 24hrs ahead of schedule. These guys simply soared above my expectations; it seems I can’t thank them enough in this Chinafreight co review!
China Freight’s services were simply excellent from the start to the end. What I really liked about them was their communication. They notified me when they accepted my order when my item got picked up and then informed me when it was picked up along with the name of the person that signed for it. There is really no way I can fault their services. If you’re in doubt, please check out Chinafreight co reviews.
They’re a terrific team who helped out of every tight spot. Henceforth, I no longer have to worry about getting my package damaged.
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