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Introduction of diesel trash pump

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The engine driven water pump is mainly divided into two types: a diesel trash pump unit based on a ZW self-priming sewage pump, and a trailer mounted pump unit system based on a new strong self-priming pump and adding a vacuum auxiliary device. The difference between the diesel engine pump is that the ordinary type has lower purchase cost, the self-suction height is only 4-5 meters, and the flow rate can only be 800 cubic meters. The new diesel engine water pump with vacuum assist system has a self-priming capacity and can reach a height of 8- 9 meters, fast water discharge time, a wide range of flow rates can be achieved 2600 cubic meters per hour.
In addition, there are two kinds of vacuum auxiliary devices for vacuum assisted diesel engine irrigation pump. The vacuum pump system is driven by the pulley of the diesel engine shaft to drive the vacuum pump together with the diesel engine irrigation pump. The whole system is always in the state of suction vacuum. The self-priming performance is more stable so it is called a vacuum-assisted diesel water pump without stopping the machine. Another diesel dewatering pump is a vacuum assist system that can automatically stop. When the water is pumped up by the vacuum pump, the vacuum pump automatically stops through the clutch. The price of the diesel pump is relatively higher. The two vacuum assisted diesel trash pump have the same self-priming performance. .
Both diesel pumps can suck and drain liquids containing large particles of solids and long fibers, especially the new vacuum-assisted diesel dewatering pump impeller can be made into an open impeller structure with self-priming pump through the particle capacity is more significant. Diesel engine water pump can be widely used in municipal sewage and flood control projects, agricultural irrigation and so on. The diesel water pump has the characteristics of simple structure, good self-priming performance, strong sewage discharge capacity, high efficiency and energy saving, convenient use and maintenance, integrated or outdoor movable design, and is the first in the diesel engine self-priming pump series.
The cavitation of diesel water pumps is caused by the vaporization of water. The so-called vaporization is the process of converting water from liquid to vapor. Manual diaphragm pump. The metal surface is severely damaged by the formation of fatigue under the action of water hammer pressure. Therefore, the whole process of the formation, development and rupture of the bubble so that the material is destroyed is called cavitation. Common problems and solutions for diesel engine pumps: Self-priming pumps will encounter some common problems during daily use.
For example, the problem of non-pumping of diesel water pumps will be caused by many different reasons, so how to deal with these problems is the key. The general diesel engine water pump does not pump water for the following reasons: the use of self-priming pumps; the so-called self-priming pump means that the self-priming pump does not need to add water when starting, its own impeller can do, and the impeller The larger the sealing gap, the lower the self-priming height. This is not to say that the diesel water pump does not need to add water. After installing the self-priming pump, it is necessary to fill the water with the impeller of the self-priming pump before the water can be sucked up.
The diesel engine pump has strong maneuverability and truly realizes the concept of moving water pump. The diesel pump equipment can meet the needs of emergency drainage and rescue, and has the function of mobile power supply; equipped with hydraulic support legs to ensure the stability of the whole vehicle during construction; the equipment can work normally and reliably. It has good ventilation and heat dissipation function; the whole vehicle has a water immersion depth of 600mm, which can meet the rescue work in deep water area; it has power output function, which can meet the needs of 230/400V electricity; lighting can meet the needs and safety of night operation.
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