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Gymnastic Ball Manufacturer

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Gym Ball had been widely used for gymnastic and hoem. People use it to do abs and balance training. The anti burst means when the ball is pierced, the flow is slowly come out instead of burst at once. This will highly pretect you when accident happened.
The exercise ball is made of PVC material. UnivFitness use eco PVC raw material to make the gym ball. The usual gym ball sizes are 55cm 65cm 75cm. But you need inflat the ball yourself. To decide which ball is suitable for you, you must consider about your height. Generally 65cm gym ball is the best popuar size. The air pressure inside the ball can also be adjusted depending on the type of exercise you are going to do. Gymnastic Ball Manufacturer
What Is Gym Ball?
Stability balls (gym ball) have been around since 1963, originating in Italy. The first time the PVC exercise stability 65cm yoga ball, we called it a, “Swiss ball.” Yet, the “Swiss Balls,” at that time, were all made in Italy. American Physical Therapists saw the ball, in use, within physical therapy Swiss units.
As is known, the exercise ball is considered to be very helpful for doing workouts. It is not only cheaper as compared to other mechanical exercise equipment, the exercise ball is also very light to carry. It’s useful in toning the abs especially for those who aspire of getting six packs. There are a lot of yoga gym ball exercises incorporated in an abs ball exercise program. You can even experiment on developing your own workouts with it.
They are used in physical therapy, Pilates, yoga, and health clubs. Many elite and professional athletes use them for coordination. In yoga, you can perform a standing warm up, Sun Salutation, seated series, prone series, table series, supine on the ball series, and supine on the floor series.
Medicine Ball Slam Manufacturer
A medicine ball (also known as an exercise ball, a med ball, or a fitness ball) is a weighted ball roughly the diameter of the shoulders (approx. 13.7 inches), often used for rehabilitation and strength training.The medicine ball also serves an important role in the field of sports medicine. However, it should not be confused with the larger, inflated exercise ball.
Nantong univfitness medicine ball have a lot of types for selection. Such as medicine ball with handles, medicine ball slams, and soft medicine ball. Different medicine ball can mixed as a medicine ball set. It's widely used for cross fit and strength training.
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