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How to Adjust Settings NBA 2K21 MyCareer

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In the MyCareer story of NBA 2K21, he plays "Junior". He is the son of a former college legend in New Jersey. You start in high school and play some games there to attract the attention of major college courses. You can choose a total of 10 universities from the game (UCLA, West Virginia, Syracuse, Oklahoma, Florida, Gonzales, Texas Tech University, UConn, Michigan State University, and Vera Nova University), and finally, lead your team to win the national championship. Here NBA 2K21 MT Share you how to change the difficulty of MyCareer in NBA 2K21.
You can find them in the controller settings. When not using icon delivery, delivery settings are important. Icon delivery is a good form, but it is limited because you can't do certain types of delivery, such as loud, bouncing, alleys, and flashy. If you start with a point guard or tall guy, it is important to ask for an alley offense. I hope we can provide you with the absolutely correct answer in a perfect environment, but in the best case, people seem to be very divided. We personally use things like 52 directions, one distance, 47 openness, and so on. Some people hate vulnerability because it does not take into account the expectations of the defender, during others like this vulnerability, because if your direction is neutral, you will be transferred to the hands of the most open person. We find that there is usually a direction that can give me the required pass, and if I am not sure and have a neutral joystick, the computer will find that this person is the most open. Of course, this is something you need to try.
In the beginning, we increased the auxiliary strength and the strength of the packaging box to 100%. We are packing strength. We think that is a slam dunk, because if you dress less, sometimes your people will not fight even if there are people next to you. The great D problem is questionable, because the higher the D, the greater the sucking effect of the computer on the person you want to defend-I personally play my role with the help of 0% D. Nevertheless, I am very good in possession. We usually target the center and don't do much defensively, and if we have to play halftime between halftimes, we don't want to fall into the backline. We are protecting the player and that person. This is good or bad. After playing for a while, try again. Cheap NBA 2K21 MT
Lens feedback should be provided for each lens. It will show you how competitive the lens is and whether you release it early or late.
Keep other settings in other ways at the beginning. Pros / Try Hards, which has been playing for a while, will tell you to turn off the illuminance meter, but it is recommended that you do not do this at first unless you think you are very talented in video games. If your light meter is off, you can hit the ball more steadily near-perfect timing, although you are more likely to miss the game if you are not near-perfect timing. When we started playing video games, our timing was not ideal, and I think you may not be ideal. Recently, we learned that the higher your player's field goal, the better your rangefinder, so if you start with a sharpshooter who scored 3 points in the 90s, you might think about it earlier than most.
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