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Partial Denture Christchurch

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Dentures – Your First Set
Although losing all your natural teeth can be a scary prospect it needn't be. You now have the chance to have the smile you always wanted. In conjunction with your dentist we will guide you through the process from extraction to making sure you are as comfortable as possible getting used to your new dentures.
The positive side is that you have the opportunity to choose what your new smile will look like. We endeavor to make your new dentures look as natural as possible, enhancing your features for the best possible outcome.  Partial Denture Christchurch
You have the choice of immediate dentures, which are made to be fitted straight after your natural teeth have been extracted, (minimizing bleeding and swelling) or delayed immediate dentures, where you wait 4-6 months, with no teeth, (while your gums shrink,) before having your new dentures made.
For the majority of people who don't want to be without teeth, we recommend immediate dentures as the best option. You can start smiling straight away and we know where your jaw sits naturally, which is crucial to getting optimal function of your new dentures.
As your gums shrink over the next 6 months we will help you transition through this period. Once your gums have settled your dentures will require relining which is an additional cost.
Replacement Dentures
As we age natural changes occur in our gums and jaw over time. Gradually the bone beneath the gums begins to shrink meaning your dentures no longer fit like they used to. Loose, worn dentures can cause pain and discomfort and will cause you to bite incorrectly leading to jaw problems which can be difficult to correct if left untreated.
Our experienced clinical dental prosthetists are experts in identifying and correcting your denture problems. We are committed to working with you to deliver the best fitting, most aesthetically pleasing dentures which function as close as possible to your natural teeth. To this end we use the latest materials and techniques available with no short cuts.
You will have the opportunity to try your new dentures in wax, making any changes along the way, so you will know exactly how you are going to look when they are finally fitted. Only when you are completely satisfied will we proceed to finish the dentures. Denture Repairs Christchurch
Cosmetic Dentures
If you are concerned about:
- disappearing lips
- downturned corners of the mouth
- increased lines around the mouth
- sunken area around the mouth
- sunken cheeks
- that "bulldog look"
Cosmetic Dentures can address these problems, giving you a healthier more youthful appearance. Our clients are amazed with the results that can be achieved.
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