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Selling Your Home in San Diego

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At Blue Chip Realty Group we use proven methods to get the most value from your house. From blockbuster open houses to methodic offer negotiations, we guarantee your satisfaction.
Blockbuster Open Houses
Holding open houses is a fantastic opportunity to showcase your home to current buyers and your local neighborhood. Any agent can show up 30 minutes before the open house starts, plop a few signs out and hope for a decent turnout. San Diego Homes for Sale
That model is outdated. We run proven ads to the target specific demographics to ensure a massive turn out of qualified buyers. Our incredibly effective 3-Point-SW Open House System is unlike any in the industry. We are happy to discuss each of these three points along with our recent sales as our proof of our success.
Personal Concierge – Full VIP Access
Time and time again we hear about negative experiences people have had with other agents. The #1 complaint, by far, is the lack of communication.
“We hired him, he put a sign in the yard, and we didn’t hear from him for days at a time. We literally had no idea if he was actually marketing our home or if he just put it in the MLS and said a prayer!” – Real Past Client Statement
When you hire Blue Chip Realty Group you will always know what we are doing on a daily basis to ensure the sale of your home. We strongly believe in the importance of communication and will grant you administrative access to our internal file and you will have the ability to see what we are doing in real time. Alternatively, you may opt for 1 daily summary email which itemizes the actions we took that day.
Professional Photography & Immersive 3D Virtual Tours
A first impression matter. Amazing photos get attention and bring buyers to your home. That is why we heavily invest in photography, trusting only the best professionals, such as award-winning Brent Haywood. All photography and 3D tours come at no cost to the seller. Best Real Estate Agent in San Diego
Stunning Videos
Professional videos are an upcoming trend in the real estate world. Last year, 17% of our sales resulted from international buyers as a direct result of our targeted video marketing campaigns. Our videos are seen around the world, with a total viewing count of over 20,000 in just 30 days.
Print Advertising
Print ads are still a powerful method of advertising. Blue Chip Realty Group will place print ads in your local area as well as many marketing channels, such as Coastal Magazine, La Jolla Light, The Coast News, La Jolla Village News, Poway News Chieftain, San Diego Tribune and Dream Homes.
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