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Car Stereo Receiver

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In the past, car audio systems composed of a basic AM (Amplitude modulation) radio. But with the advancement of technology, car audio systems have now become more complex. Nowadays, many automotive companies install OEM (original equipment manufacturer) systems in their cars. So, the complexity of every car audio system may vary. Regardless of that, you can find certain components in all systems. Car Stereo Receiver
After understanding how different types of car audio equipment work, you will be able to make a more informed buying decision. That is what we are here to help you out with. And since the world of car audio equipment is vast, our goal here is to empower you with the knowledge necessary to get started.
Head units are considered as the brain of the car audio system. Hence, they feature several components and pieces of equipment. In simple terms, the head units allow the users to choose the source of audio, set volume, and to determine the song. At the same time, they also want to pick a radio station.
Typically, head units can either be single-din or double-din. Confused? Well, let us explain. DIN is simply a standard set by the 'Deutsches Institut fur Normung' for car stereo systems. So, systems that fall under the 'DIN' standards are called Din Car stereos. This is recognized as the ISO 7736. The DOUBLE-DIN, as the name might imply, is twice the size of a single DIN (equivalent to two single dins in a stack).
In specific, double din stereo systems have a measurement of 150 x 100 mm. So, they are twice as tall as single dins. However, different car manufacturers feature head units of different depths. As a result of this, finding the right fit for some models is no less than a challenge. However, for as long as you rely on experienced car audio installers such as the 'Top Priority Car Audio' service, you do not have to worry about such technicalities.
Disk drives are a major source of non-radio music and audio in modern cars. These are typically capable of playing both DVDs and CDs. With that, modern CD players support many audio formats, including MP3 – the most common format. Many modern disk drives also feature remote control capability and users can easily replace them if they get worn out. Amplifiers for Car Audio
Though, they are slowly become obsolete, as an increasing number of people now rely on sources such as USB flash drives. Almost all head units feature an aux-in jack in which users can plug a simple aux cable. This allows users to plug-in their iPod or phone directly into the head-unit. It is, hence, quite convenient for those who want to play music or sound directly from their music accessory (phone, iPod, MP3 players).
With that, most modern head units also have Bluetooth and WiFi functionality. This allows users to send music data wirelessly via a compatible device. Though, the controls are mostly just basic functions like skip track, forward/back, and play/pause. Furthermore, the head unit also displays the track name and the name of the artist.
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