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All you lingerie enthusiasts out there will know that there are many different styles of lingerie bottoms. We at Dear Eve Lingerie also know this and that's why we enjoy stocking the different styles so that our customers can have the luxury of picking the right kind of underwear bottom to suit different outfits, moods and even butt sizes!
Why are there so many styles of bottoms? Trueandco answers this question: "Underwear styles and designs are based on function for different types of clothing, so the right (or wrong one) can make or break an outfit. There’s a reason why the saying 'Don’t get your panties in a bunch!' exists; ill-fitting underwear can seriously kill your mood". Black Lingerie
Lingerie designs have certainly come a long way since the 1950s that's for sure. Back then briefs were not close fitting at all, well that is when comparing to something like today's thong style. A plain closer-fitting brief existed, but most were looser fitting with ruffles and made from materials like cotton knit and satin. Full coverage was the name of the underwear game during the 1950s.
Fast-forwarding to today's lingerie styles, there are so many to choose from, thongs, g-strings, briefs, hipsters you name it. So the guarantee that there will be a style to fulfil your latest fancy or wish is a sure bet. While many of us know about these different styles there are those who aren't quite so clear. Therefore, Dear Eve Lingerie has picked some of the top styles for lingerie bottoms to define for you.
Thongs are very high-cut up to the hip-bone and look like a bikini brief from the front. This style just covers the front and has a T-shape thick string that goes up at the back. There are 3/4 thongs that have a thicker waistband at the back and a thick string. Thongs are perfect for tighter fitting skirts, trousers and dresses and are made especially so that the dreaded panty line does not show through.
Refinery29 describes the bikini as "a middle ground style between thongs and briefs. Typically slim on the sides, and with just enough on the behind to offer some coverage, a bikini is not only very sexy, but another great option for a less visible finish". Along with choosing the right type of bikini fabric, this style is made to be worn under most things and is especially comfortable under jeans, or A-frame minis and medium length skirts.
It has been said that the g-string's origin came from when theatre dancers of the 1930s first wore them on Broadway while risqué dancing. However, it's now common for many women to have at least one g-string style in their lingerie collection. Smaller than a thong, the g-string barely covers the front parts with an upside down triangle attached to a waistband that sits at the hip bone and with an even thinner string at the back. G-strings are often made from sexy lacy material and are popular with younger women. Like the thong they are perfect for all tight fitting clothing. Sexy Lingerie
This has been a popular style of pant of late that has a low rise making them sit around the hip, hence the name. The leg cut is low like briefs but the sides are kept wide. The bottom of the butt cheek remains a little exposed which gives hipsters a sexy twist. They are comfortable and go with most clothing especially those with a lower rise at the top.
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