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Phoenix Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

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Many vehicle crashes result in serious injuries or death, but motorcycle crashes are often more devastating than other accident types. The obvious lack of a protective frame is a reason for the serious injuries, but that doesn’t mean you are responsible for what’s happened to you.
Motorcycles aren’t dangerous on their own—it’s negligent or reckless drivers who are to blame in many cases. When someone else caused your motorcycle crash, why should you be made to feel responsible?
A Phoenix motorcycle accident lawyer at the Law Offices of Michael Cordova won’t let insurers, or anyone else, make you feel like you don’t deserve full and total compensation for what you’ve been through.
What Could Have Led to Your Phoenix Motorcycle Crash?
Most people who’ve been in an accident understand how quickly it can take place. Sometimes an accident can happen so fast, you won’t even know what caused it. The only way to figure out what caused your Phoenix motorcycle collision is through investigation.
Hopefully the police who arrived on scene will have investigated your crash to see what caused it, but your Phoenix motorbike crash lawyer can also investigate. They will help you to gather the evidence necessary to prove your crash claim.
Many different things can cause a motorcycle wreck, and some of those factors you may not have considered. For instance, faulty motorcycle parts cause some accidents. Only through investigation can you discover the cause of your accident and who is liable for it.
Here below are some common reasons motorcycles crash in Phoenix, AZ.
Distracted drivers Poor road maintenance and design Reckless drivers, such as speeders and tailgaters Intoxicated drivers Dangerous intersections Defective motorcycle parts Shoddy motorcycle and vehicle repair work
Understanding the Injury Claim Process
The first thing you are focused on after a serious motorcycle collision is your health, as you should be. The next thing you will likely be thinking about is filing a claim against the person who hurt you. You probably don’t know how to go about filing a claim in Phoenix or how the personal injury claim process works.
How Your Injuries Affect Your Phoenix Motorcycle Crash Claim
It’s not always obvious to everyone that a claim’s value is dependent upon the injuries and damages you’ve suffered. Your injuries are likely serious, which means you will be owed a greater settlement than injury accidents where the victims suffer minor injuries.
Serious injuries can cause medical bills, lost wages, mental trauma, and permanent disability. You should be fully compensated for all your losses.
Why Insurance Companies Don’t Like to Pay Out on Motorcycle Crash Claims
Even though insurance is designed to provide compensation to those who’ve been injured in a wreck, these companies don’t love paying out on claims. They especially don’t like paying motorcycle crash claims, because the injuries are often substantial.
Serious injuries are expensive, and insurance companies know this. That’s why many of them will do everything they can to lower the value of your claim. They sometimes resort to underhanded tactics, so it’s important to have legal assistance to protect you from being taken advantage of.
For example, insurance companies will often try to place blame for the accident on the biker. They do this because if they can saddle you with some of the fault, they can lower the amount of compensation they must pay to you.
They use Arizona’s law of comparative negligence for this. The more fault they place on you, the lower your claim is worth. That’s why you usually should not talk to insurance companies without a lawyer. They will sometimes try to record phone conversations and attempt to get you to admit to some of the fault for the accident. Phoenix Accident Lawyer
Your Phoenix motorcycle collision lawyer can actually handle communications with insurance adjusters for you, which can prevent the insurer from using your statements against you.
The Monetary Compensation You Deserve for Your Phoenix Biker Wreck
Motorcycle crashes can result in great economic and non-economic damages for victims. Your medical bills alone could be enough to rock your financial world. Add to those damages the physical, mental, and emotional suffering of your accident and injuries, and you know you need and deserve a comprehensive payout for what you’ve been through.
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