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Group Home Consulting - Magnate-consulting.com

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It seems that 24 hours is not enough to accomplish everything that needs to be done. Often times we find ourselves working overtime and 24/7 in this field.
How can you manage your agency's time better? How can your staff manage time better so that they can be more productive and not get burnt out so quickly?
The To-Do List is never ending. You start your day with a nice list of things that you are going to check off. As soon as you hit the office, an incident has happened, someone called out or you have a 2 hr meeting that ends up being 5 hours. Those To-Do items get moved to the next day and then the next day.  Group Home Consulting
Make sure that your meetings are effective and solution based. Have a set agenda and stay on track.
Make sure that your staff know what to call you for when you're on call and ensure that they don't call for every little thing.
Make sure that you don't procrastinate and wait until the last minute to finish projects.
Be timely and don't start the day late. Be respectful of other's time.
Every day is different and it seems that things are always happening but still remember to have good time management.
With the deadline for existing providers getting closer and closer (2022) it is important to consistently be working on compliance with the HCBS final settings rule. FYI... New providers must be compliant when opening. One hot topic is exceptions to the HCBS rights. Most existing providers see the right to visitors at any time, food at any time, and come and go at any time and immediately think of all the incidents. They sometimes think that a conversation with the team will suffice for limiting these rights but that is NOT the case. Dbhds Policies and Procedures
If an exception needs to be made for any individual, the exception must be discussed with the team, a third party must complete an assessment and if the exception is made, it must be documented thoroughly in the Individual's ISP.
We must remember that the same energy we have when someone tries to tell us what we can and cannot have and/or do, must be exercised when the individuals we support have restrictions or exceptions to their human rights and HCBS rights.
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