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Skills Required To Be A Successful Web Designer

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So you want to become a web designer? Good choice, web design business is indeed a great business, but are you ready to put in the work it takes to become one? First thing you need to know is the skills required to be a successful web designer.
During the research I did before I write this post, I came across a lot of outdated information on the skills required to be a successful web designer, most of the articles I found are talking about go learn coding, html, css and javascript.
Times have change, you don’t need to know coding, html, css or javascript to become a great web designer, in this post I am going to share with you all you need to know on the skills required to be a successful web designer. Professional WordPress Developer
We are going to discuss on two categories of skills which are:
·         Technical Skills
·         Non-Technical Skills
And take note of this: those two categories of skills are required to become a successful web designer, not an option. We are going to start with the non-technical skills.
Skills Required To Be A Successful Web Designer
Non-Technical Skills
1. Persistency
The first aspect you need to prepare for is persistency, becoming a successful web designer doesn’t happen overnight, there are many aspect you need to learn and implement, before you even get on the right track.
Nowadays people are used to getting things quick, you want to start a web design business, you expect to start getting client by the end of the week and start designing websites, but unfortunately that is not how it works. The main reason why many entrepreneurs fail is because of the lack of persistency, so if you are serious about building a successful web design business you need to buckle up and be ready to work on it no matter how long it takes, with good level of persistency you are most likely to succeed as an entrepreneur.
2. Time Management
Time is becoming shorter in this generation, we all have a lot of time consuming activities that we do everyday, while trying to build your career as a web designer, you probably have a job that is keeping a roof over your head, which consume some hours of your life everyday, may be you do some exercise daily, or watch Netflix, checkout social media, play some video games, not to mention important activities like attending to family or health care activities, it might feels like there is no time left to learn web design and build a career on it, which is why you need time management skills to help you take some time out of your daily activities and give the time to your web design business, and this is a very important aspect, without proper time management your consistency plan is more likely to fail.
3. Communication Skills
As a web designer, you are constantly going to find yourself engaged in communication with your client, your level of communication skills will determine the quality of the project you are going to land, which is why you need to master the two categories of communication, which are:
Verbal Communication.
Where you listen to your client and understand what they want verbally through phone calls or in person, and also explain to them what they need, and generally communicate your offer.
Written Communication.
Where you communicate in written through emails, messages e.t.c.
Getting a new client always start with communication, if you fail at communication, you are most probably going to keep loosing client.
4. Patience
Some client are nightmare, trust me I have worked with many client, some are good, some are great and some are nightmare, you need to learn the ability to manage client without showing annoyance or anger, this is a very important skill to learn as a web designer.
5. Self Motivation
Self motivation is a great tool for achieving persistency, you need to have an internal drive to achieve your goal, and keep moving forward, at some stage the urge to quite might be big, that is why you need self motivation, to pushes you to go on.
Technical Skills
1. UX Design
UX Design is simply the process of designing something through considering three main factors, which are Usability, Usefulness And Desirability. As a web designer you need to have an experience of designing a website that connect those 3 factors together.
UX Design play a vital role in the performance of a website in terms of traffic, nobody want to waste their time on a website with bad user experience, example of bad experience is users are not getting what they expected, maybe the website looks good on desktop but looks real bad on mobile, or a situation where users can not find what they are looking for easily.
2. CMS
The step you have been waiting for, Content Management System (CMS), in the past you have to learn  how to write a code to be a web designer, but fortunately not anymore, there are many amazing CMS’s to work with such as WordPress, Shopify, Wix, Weebly, Squarespace. There are many CMS’s available but as a beginner you need to choose from the listed cms’s to concentrate on. Best WordPress Resources
The most popular CMS is WordPress, but you can start with more easy to learn CMS like Shopify or Wix to begin with, there is no wrong choice, it entirely depend on your abilities, when you become professional at one you can move to the more advance one, remember to always start one step at a time.
3. SEO
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is another important skill you need as a web designer, however you don’t meed an advance knowledge of seo to become a good web designer, but it is require for you to know what is seo, how it works and more importantly how to make an seo friendly website.
Knowing how seo works will give you the ability to to design a website that can easily be optimized for seo, you don’t want a website with no traffic.
4. Performance Optimization
This is an aspect that strongly affect a website ranking in google, and not just google, nobody want to visit a low performance website, therefore a website with no performance optimization is going to be forgotten in the web.
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