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Group Home Consulting

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By consulting with us we will share our knowledge as a Group Home Consultant, experience, education and expertise to help you achieve your goals and reach your highest potential. Virginia Group Home Policies and Procedures
Every day is different in this field and sometimes the day to day challenges can take away from the focus needed to meet outcomes. We are outcome driven and will help you develop a plan to reach your goals.
We pride ourselves in having direct experience with agencies and support coordination in North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland and DC. Unlike many consultants we are local and have direct involvement in the work and changes that occur in system delivery and regulations on a day to day basis. Group Home Consulting
Magnate Consulting, LLC. was founded in 2016  in Virginia. This company was started after constantly seeing gaps in the quality of providers of Residential Supports. It was observed that there was not always a balance between Quality, Ethics, Person-Centered Thinking and Individual Satisfaction. This company was created to help ensure that all of these areas are above standard in providers of Residential Supports that we work with. Our hope is that we help improve individuals' lives and provider quality ONE Company/Home at a Time as a Group Home Consultant!
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