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How To Send Push Notifications With WordPress Website

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Push notifications is a rapidly growing digital marketing strategy which present another effective way to boost your website’s returning visitor’s rate.
Some people believe email marketing to be the best marketing strategy in terms of CTR and ROI, but did you know push notifications have a higher click through rate and engagements than email marketing?
In this article we are going to take a closer look on what is push notification? How it works? It’s advantages and how to setup wordpress push notifications free. Professional WordPress Developer
What Is Push Notification
Push notification also called web push notifications are messages that are sent to users via desktop web and mobile web, it is an alert style messages that appears on the user’s desktop or mobile screens anytime they open their browser whether they visit your site or not.
It is used to automatically alert your subscribers when you have a new content published on your site or send an automatic pre-defined message to your subscribers.
How Push Notifications Works
Web push notifications work in 3 simple steps which are as follows:
1. Add A Push Notification Service Provider
The first step is to choose your service provider, and link the service provider to your website, Click here to learn how to link the service provider to your site. This will give your visitors an opportunity to subscribe to your notifications list.
2. Get User's Permission To Send Push Notifications
Second step is to get user’s permission to send them push notifications, this happens when someone visit your site, they get a signup request, if they click allow their browser will be in your notifications list.
3. Send Push Notifications
Whenever you publish a new content you can send a notification to your subscribers and notify them about the new content, regardless of whether thy visit your site or not.
Why You Should Use Push Notifications
The most important benefit of push notification is it gives you the ability to communicate with your audience directly, most people don’t read emails that falls in to promotions tab, with push notifications you are communicating without the help of emails but directly to your audience’s screens whether they visit your site or not.
Things To Consider Before Choosing Push Notification Service Provider
There are many factors to consider when choosing your push notification service provider, the following are 6 factors to consider before choosing your service provider:
1. Installation
The installation process of the service provider says a lot about their efficiency, use a service provider that require a minimum files to install, this helps in maintaining your website speed.
2. Language Support
Do they support notifications in multiple language? Including the local language of your target audience? People are more comfortable interacting with content in their local language.
3. CMS Integration
Is your website on WordPress? Shopify? Wix? Or other CMS? Check the service provider and make sure they support your website platform.
4. Portability
For one reason or another you might require to change your service provider in the future, what will happen to your subscribers when you change your service provider? Are you going to lose them or you can transfer your subscribers to your new service provider?
Make sure the service provider has a subscriber portability feature, which means if you change your service provider your subscribers go with you. Experienced WordPress Developer
5. Pricing
At some point when your subscriber list grows you might need to upgrade to paid plans, that is why you need to check their prices and compare their features with other service providers from the start, to make sure you maintain a high ROI.
6. Customer Reviews
Before you signup check what their customers are saying about their services, this will give you an insight on whether they provide everything they offer in a satisfactory way.
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