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I am currently attending a conference. From must of the issues agencies are presenting, it often goes back to training. So often we start positions or hire staff, complete orientation and then training disappears. This field is constantly changing. Training should never stop. How do you train your staff to ensure that they are well versed in what's happening? How often do you provide refreshers? Create training manuals and operational manuals. Training can help everyone from direct care to leadership, work smart er and not harder. Ensuring that your staff complete competencies and have frequent trainings will help improve the quality of your organization. Well trained management will help improve your quality and compliance. Just remember training never stops.  Virginia Group Home Policies and Procedures
Countless times I review someone’s notes and I feel like a robot works the shift and types the note Every shift. If your agency doesn’t have quality assurance to make sure every shift has a note and that the notes are of good quality, you’re at risk for paying money back for services that were billed. Staff make a lot of withdrawals from the company every time they get paid but are you making sure that your staff are making deposits (quality services and documentation)? The daily rate saves a lot of people because between missing notes and poor quality of documentation, time or 15 minute/unit billing would have a lot of agencies paying money back. Let’s improve our documentation so that we show all of the hard work and support that we provide. Let’s make sure we justify our billing with our documentation because we all KNOW if it’s not documented, it didn’t happen!
This constantly changing weather may not  make you feel like spring but SPRING is officially here. People often use Spring as a time to clean and get rid of things no longer needed/used. In our line of work I find that we often hold on to old ways and systems that don't fully accomplish what we need. You often hear that's how we have always done it. Quick news: it doesn't matter how long you've BEEN doing something, if its not right, CHANGE IT.
As Hurricane Dorian makes its way up the East coast, are you prepared? Those agencies in the coast should have all of their emergency supplies stocked (they should already be in place anyway) and make sure that all staff know how to execute the emergency plan. Group Home Consulting Services
Some people believe that just because the eye of the storm isn’t on track to make contact, that nothing needs do be done. In fact, the winds and effects of the storm can expand up to and maybe even over 100 miles from the center. Check your local listings and stay up to date. you may still feel the storm even though it doesn’t come directly to you.
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