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Modern Furniture Stores Boca Raton

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If you’re searching for unique, finely-crafted furniture, then you’ve come to the right place. At Art De Vie Furniture, you’ll discover beautiful pieces for your home or office, along with outstanding value and exceptional customer service.
Art De Vie Furniture is a brand that stands for Quality, Authenticity, and Innovation. We specialize in handmade French and Victorian furniture, bringing you exquisite antique style pieces to suit your personal taste, interior look. Modern Furniture Stores Boca Raton
For 30 years, our professionals have been delivering high-quality furniture and excellent service to customers in Europe. For the last 5 years, we’ve successfully been building our brand in the US, having begun manufacturing in Miami, Florida.
What We Do
We offer exclusive products you won’t find anywhere else: one of a kind furniture handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail from high-grade materials. Our pieces aren’t mass-produced; they’re crafted with passion and skill, customized to your taste.
Our service is personalized too – because we want our customers to return to us over and over as they build their interior look. And we guarantee you the best value.
What Makes Us Special
We’re a trusted name because we don’t compromise our values or quality standards. We use only high-grade fabrics, gathered from trusted suppliers. We combine this with gold, silver, or rose gold leaf to create stunning giltwood furniture that adds luxury to any room. Our products are named after flowers because we believe we are creating works of art as beautiful as anything nature has on display.
Our Mission
To create the finest One Of A Kind furniture for sale in the US, with designs that complement your interior style at prices that suit your budget. Victorian Living Room Set
To deliver exceptional, personal service and become a household name through our beautifully crafted furniture and commitment to our customers.
Our Promise
We will forever be a furniture brand that inspires through unique design and ignites creativity in our customers. We’ll continue to create exclusive furniture that accentuates the beauty of your room, adds sophistication, and enhances your day-to-day life through timeless, practical design.
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