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The flashing, while often overlooked, is one of the most integral components of your roofing system. In fact, without a properly installed one, rainwater would easily find its way into your home. So you can understand more about the importance of the flashing, the area’s trusted roof replacement company, John Peters Roofing provides a quick overview.
What is the Flashing?
This refers to a strip of waterproof material that is bent to fit your roofing system. The flashing is usually installed in the more vulnerable spots of the system, including the area around roof valleys, chimneys, vents, dormers and skylights. Residential Roofing Indianapolis
The Importance of Roof Flashing
Anywhere that has a joint or protrusion on the roof surface will need to be flashed properly. With the flashing in place, there’s less potential for water infiltration in these leak-prone areas, helping keep your home dry and damage-free.
What Materials Are Used for Flashing?
The flashing is available in a variety of materials, each having their own pros and cons. Whatever your choice, it’s essential that you work with a roofing expert like John Peters Roofing for flashing installation and maintenance. Your material options include:
1. Rubber or Plastic. This is generally cost-effective to install but doesn’t last as long compared to its more durable counterparts.
2. Lead. A lead flashing is used to prevent leaks in small, hard-to-reach areas. However, it is also difficult to maintain and replace.
3. Copper. This specific option is typically used in high-end builds and historic homes because of its classic good looks and durable performance.
4. Sheet Metal. Available in aluminum, zinc, and steel, sheet metal flashing is the most common choice available today. Roofing Indianapolis
Given the large role your flashing plays to keep your home safe from water damage, it should always remain durable and intact all year round. Looking for a reliable roofing contractor to handle your roofing needs? Just search ‘expert in roofing near me’ online and John Peters Roofing will be top of the results. Turn to us for your roof inspection and maintenance so we can prevent any issues with your system and keep its components, such as the flashing, in good shape.
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