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Ask Any Qualified Barista With What The Best Entry-Level Home Coffee Grinder Is And You’ll Know Doubt Get The Same Answer. The Baratza Encore. Fitted With 40 Grind Settings And Razor Sharp 40mm Conical Burrs, The Grinder Is Well-Developed For Anyone Looking To Brew Great Coffee.
Grind Coffee Finely For Pour Over Brewing Or Coarsely For A French Press. All 40 Grind Settings Are Capable Of Consistently Producing A Uniform Grind Size, Which Is A Non-Negotiable When You Want Balanced Coffee. The Conical Burrs Will Remain Sharp For Years. Freshly Ground Coffee
Rocks Hiding In Coffee Beans Can Destroy Coffee Grinders, But Baratza’s Gear Box 2.0 Is Sensitive Enough To Shut Off When Objects That Are Too Hard Come In Contact With The Burrs. Additionally, The Inclusion Of Glass-Filled Thermo Plastic Reduces Noise And Increases Gear Longevity.
The Grinder Has A Side Mounted On/Off Switch That Allows You To Step Away From The Grinder And Work On Other Things, And A Front-Facing ‘Pulse’ Button Makes Grinding Small Amounts Easy. Comes In Black And The Newest Addition, White. Organic Coffee Beans Brisbane
We At Espresso79 Recognise The Power Of The Baratza Encore For Manual Brewing, But We Do Not Recommend It For Espresso Brewing Because Of Its Lack Of Espresso-Fine Grinding Capability.
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