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10 Simple Ways For Oral Health

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For healthy gums and teeth, brushing and flossing are not enough, you need to follow a balanced diet which provides essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals. People generally avoid visiting a dentist and the main reason is the habit of neglecting health while living their modern lives, especially when it comes to oral health.
The commonly faced problems are related to gums and tooth decay. By following some tips you can maintain a good home care routine. Root canal Treatment cost in Bhopal
1. Brushing:
You should brush twice a day. The best time to brush your teeth is after meals. Never go to bed at night without brushing your teeth.
2. Flossing:
To reduce Plaque, flossing is very important. It goes hand in hand with brushing, in areas between teeth where brush can’t reach.
3. Use Fluoride Toothpastes:
Fluoride Toothpastes are essential as it fight germs and prevents teeth from decaying.
4. Don’t neglect your Tongue:
Tongue is as important as teeth. Gently brush your tongue to avoid bad odour and serious oral health issues.
5. Take care of your Brush:
Keeping your brush clean is very important for oral care. Always wash your tooth brush and keep changing it in 3 months.
6. Balanced Diet:
Add more fruits and vegetables to your diet. For Oral Health you should include starchy foods like potatoes and breads and protein rich foods like meat, eggs, fish.
7. Avoid Smoking and Drinking:
Smoking and Drinking leads to bad breath, yellow stains on the teeth and excess of drinking can also result in mouth cancer.
8. Limit Sugar Intake:
The sugar intake whether in the form of liquid or solid should be limited. Without even realising we consume a lot of sugar in forms of foods and drinks like:
Ice Cream
Fruit Juice and Soft Drinks
Sweets and Chocolates
Buns, jams, pies
Dried Fruit and Cereals
9. Use of Mouthwash:
Mouthwash reaches in areas which are hard to clean in and around gums, it also reduces the amount of acid in mouth and re-mineralizes the teeth. Root Canal Specialist in Bhopal
10. Visit a Dentist:
Apart from home care, the best thing one can do is visit the dentist on regular basis for check-up and cleaning. We at Smile Gallery Dental Wellness Centerprovides wide range of dental modalities & ensure that oral care is attained with high quality standards.
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