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iManage DMS Implementation

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The iManage DMS can be hosted through iManage Cloud or private cloud, or controlled entirely via on-premises servers. Each option has its advantages.
Using iManage’s Cloud service for your installation, you receive the full benefits of cloud service—extraordinary reliability, flexibility and security—while private Cloud use comes with the added feature of hybrid data distribution on both Cloud and company servers. For firms requiring full control of system architecture, on-premises use is indicated. iManage Implementation
Which service method is right for your firm? MacroAgility can help you decide which will work best for your firm’s IT structure and future business productivity goals.
Benefits of Implementation
iManage Cloud is the most appealing choice for many firms.
Working through iManage’s diversified server system, firms receive fully integrated document and email management functionality, secure file collaboration, and knowledge management and information governance, all in one easily-negotiated space.
iManage’s Cloud service also allows you to employ global availability to monitor deployment and operations from anywhere in the world using a single interface. And employing multiple delivery lets you segregate your data into Cloud and on-premises usage and storage, keeping your most essential and proliferated files right where you want them. iManage legal software
Implementation Roadmap
MacroAgility’s first phase of a client contract involves a full analysis of a firm’s IT structure, operational parameters, and productivity goals in order to recommend an iManage DMS delivery method.
2We then develop a solution, working in tandem with your team. Deployment is conducted by working closely with your IT staff and considering all preliminary feedback to refine as we progress. We work with your IT and management structure to access your existing data repositories and migrate them from legacy to iManage with minimal disruption.
3The last phase of MacroAgility implementation is a final system review and refinement, and the completion and submission to you of all system documentation for transfer of knowledge.
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