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Depression Therapy San Francisco

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Depression often consists of persistent sadness, hopelessness, and inability to feel joy during activities that matter to you. Getting out of bed may be difficult, and social commitments seem like a chore. There may be a feeling of being "trapped" in your own life, and a sense that nothing matters anymore. These symptoms can strain your relationships, causing further feelings of low self-worth. Depression Therapy San Francisco
It may be difficult to believe right now, but there is hope. At Pathwork our licensed clinicians have years of experience treating depression successfully, helping people reconnect with their life and loved ones. If you suspect you are experiencing depression, you are not alone. Contact us for consultation to begin your journey toward a brighter future.
Therapist San Francisco
No matter where we are or how much we’ve achieved, sometimes unwanted thoughts and feelings can overwhelm us. At Pathwork we have years of experience successfully treating depression, supporting substance abuse recovery, and helping individuals and families affected by more severe mental illness.
The clinicians at Pathwork offer individual therapy and couples counseling. Our approach combines trauma-informed psychodynamics with evidence-based action plans. We help you understand the origin of your difficulties while providing tools to affect real change. Whether it’s feelings of loneliness, desire for a more fulfilling partnership, or knowledge that your current habits aren’t serving you, we’re here to walk the path of change with you.
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