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Esl Online Courses for Teachers

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TESOL {Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages} is an exciting and dynamic field.  Educational institutions all over the world have an unquenching thirst for qualified English language teachers.
What is a TESOL Certificate?
An accredited TESOL/TEFL Certificate is a requisite for the vast majority of jobs teaching English overseas.  The SIT TESOL Certificate course provides 130 hours of practical. TESOL training in all of the fundamental aspects of teaching English to non-native speakers. This highly reputable course helps participants...
Understand the fundamental principles of language teaching & learning.
Develop practical TESOL strategies for promoting student learning.
Acquire lesson planning skills in speaking, listening, reading, writing, and culture.
Grow the ability to manage a class, engage students, and evaluate their progress.
Develop reflective teaching skills to encourage and sustain growth as a teacher.
Prepare for the TESOL field and finding a job teaching English overseas.
Why teach English to non-native speakers?
Teaching English (TEFL/TESL) can be a very rewarding experience that opens countless doors and possibilities to learning about another culture, learning another language, living and traveling abroad, and making a difference in the lives of others.  Esl Online Courses for Teachers
Living and working in another country is an empowering and enriching way to understand another culture on a whole other level.  It's also a way to more deeply understand your own culture.
As a certified TESOL teacher, you will have the chance to touch the lives of so many people.  Along the way, you find that these intercultural connections touch your own life in profound ways.
Teaching Adults in Your Local Community
While it may be an adventure to pack your bags and teach in Thailand or some other exotic country, you can have a very rewarding experience teaching English in your local community.
Community colleges, secular and non-secular institutions offer ESL classes and other services for non-native English speakers. Esl Certification Courses
Teaching English to non-native English speaking adults in your town is one of the most nobel things that you can do.
Teaching someone English is the difference between being able to take advantage of the good things that this country has to offer and, at times, being taken advantage of.
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