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Hiring Is Game Changing and a Skill You Must Master

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The first hires you make are some of the most important. When you do make the leap from it being just you (or you and a co-founder), the difference between unlocking your time and talent and weighing you down is getting that hire right. And as you grow, it will be the talent you are able to bring in that will unlock the power of your vision. For some reason, even though we know the importance of hiring, we don’t treat it the way we treat other skills in our company. You wouldn’t sit down and start writing code, but for some reason we all have sat down and started hiring.
Use Outsiders to Interview. People are often too anxious to bring on resources to be objective about a candidate. Ask a colleague or advisor who has little to do with your business, but plenty of business knowledge, to interview finalists.They are much more likely to be objective than you are.
Hire for Your Phase of Growth. It’s important to adjust recruiting to your startup’s size or phase of growth: hire energetic generalists in your early days, build a recruiting team as you grow, target and hire specialists with your now-sophisticated recruitment team, and build a culture of recruiting to keep a full hiring pipeline once you’ve matured. An employee who helps you hustle through your early days isn’t always right for your later-stage startup years later. Long Term Business Strategy
Be Wary of Strategists. Thinking is easy, executing is hard. As careers advance, fewer people choose to remain in an execution role and steer towards “strategy” and “strategic thinking.” When you hire experienced people, make sure you ask them, “Tell me about your desire to build process and structure, and also execute it.” If they answer, “I am willing to get my hands dirty,” move on. If they say, “I love building businesses” or “I love watching a team gel,” consider them. You need people who “love to” work, not ones that are “willing to” get their hands dirty. Seed Funding for Startups
Keep an Open Mind. Put your gut and instincts aside and give an equal chance to everyone. You may already have a more or less clear picture in your head of how the employee should ideally look and where should they come from, which makes you subconsciously play down the candidates who don’t exactly fit into this mental blueprint, be it their background, experience or approach to your company’s ideas. Give everyone an equal space to present their skills, and maybe you’ll be surprised by the person who’ll end up sitting in that chair.
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