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Handprints Childcare Centre Preschool Program

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Our Preschool spaces focus on what learning is most important in transitioning children for the start of school. Our children explore in-depth learning with their educators where they ask questions, build ideas, and work towards specific goals for transitioning to school (see preparation for school page). We work closely with local schools and engage the children by spending time interacting with the community. This is a particularly special place for long term learning.  The educators in our Preschool spaces act as co-learners with children, families and the community. They use reflective practice to gather information that supports, enriches and informs decision making about the children and their programs. A variety of theories, philosophies and practices shape our Preschool programs to ensure that a lively culture of professional inquiry is at the core of the learning in the space. Wentworth Point Preschool 
There is also a focus in these spaces on intentional teaching. Educators recognise that learning happens in a social context and that interactions and conversations are vitally important for learning. Educators role model strategies such as open-ended questioning, speculating, explaining, shared thinking and problem solving to extend children’s ideas of how to build meaning in a group. These themes become part of the children’s internal dialogue and give them the skills to continue to build meaning throughout life. Educators in this room plan effectively for children’s current and future learning and reflect on pedagogy that will suit their specific context and the children within it. Wentworth Point Childcare
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