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Grape Juice Concentrate

United States | General information | Popularity - 0/10
CAPMOIST™ has been proven to increase shelf-life as much as three times and reducing cost of stale products by as much as 80%.
CAPMOIST™ is 100% clean label and allows you to list this ingredient as “Grape juice, Rice syrup” . It is made from a special process & ratio which has resulted in both naturally increasing shelf life and is a powerful natural humectant.
Widely used in the food industry, CAPMOIST™ works in a unique way, both achieving several elements such as water activity control, naturally preserves, increases moisture, enables softer textures, richer flavours & better machineability.
CAPMOIST™ is a well proven ingredient for bars, cookies, gluten free baked goods, smallgoods, breads, frozen foods, snacks & confectionary.
CapMoist™ is an innovative Clean Label Humectant, produced from a unique ratio of grape juice concentrate & grain dextrin. Available in both syrup and powder, CapMoist™ has unprecedented shelf-life extension & moisture control performance.
CapMoist™ has you covered on superior moisture control, microbial growth, texture & flavour enhancement and keeps foods fresh & moist for longer. Natural Preservatives
CapMoist™ allows you to remove sorbitol, glycerines and other additives.
CapMoist™ is the most powerful natural Humectant & Texture Improver.
BRC Certified, Halal Certified, Kosher Certified.
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