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Monobenzone Benoquin cream vitiligo Treatment with Benoquik

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Monobenzone is only one option to treat vitiligo. In extensive vitilgo cases doctor perfer depigmention to make uniform white skin. Depigmenation is process to remove remaining melanin from unaffected dark skin. For depigmention Monobenzone is used, As Monobenzone kills melanocytes which are responsible for skin color and make skin white. Monobenzone is only for topical usage so Monobenzone is availabile in Cream form. Hydroquinone
Monobenzone 20% is only approved and allowed by FDA. But Doctor also use 40% and sometime 60% Cream depends on paitent's skin. Depigmenation usually take 4-12 Months time. Unlike other cosmetic cream we can't use Monobenzone cream without doctors advice as it may harm our skin.
Many online pharmacies are selling fake Monobenzone cream in 30 and 60 Gram Jars, and these fake creams does not work. So try to buy monobenzone cream in sealed tube packing.
Monobenzone 20% Cream is available in 20 Gram and 35 Gram Tube. Benoquik and Benoquin are other names of Monobenzone cream.
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