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iManage Work

United States | General information | Popularity - 0/10
A single platform, single-partner solution, the iManage Work Product Management System offers secure external collaboration, advanced threat detection, intuitive operation, personalized search and smart tools, and full automation of mundane office tasks that needlessly occupy endless work hours. It is accessible anywhere, from any device, and end-user fluency is achieved with remarkable rapidity.
An Award-Winning Standard for DMS and Related Cloud Service Has Emerged
The iManage Work Product Management System has generated enthusiastic acclaim from individual firms and the ILTA since it first appeared on the market.
The newest iteration of the popular iManage Work application, Work 10, is by far the most widely-used DMS application employed by prominent legal firms, corporate legal departments, and financial firms globally. A 2018 ILTA survey of firm document management system usage revealed that iManage owns a 51% share of the DMS market, with its closest competitor owning just 15% of the market.
The iManage DMS is in use in 70% of legal firms who have made the American Law 200 list. iManage was an ILTA Innovative Solution of the Year award-winner in 2017 and 2018. iManage Cloud as-a-service has seen a 300% growth rate since launch.
Benefits of the iManage Work Product Management System
The iManage platform is preferred by prominent firms because it is designed to be entirely comprehensive. It is preferred because it is end-user accessible, and facilitates employee efforts. The iManage system follows the full trajectory of all project, client and matter lifecycles, from new business acquisition to management of records.
The iManage DMS offers the security of a unified workspace, streamlines document co-authorship, and contextualizes physical records and interconnected information.It is fully integrable with existing software systems.
iManage Work 10 and Cloud Overview
iManage Work 10 and Cloud have both been designed around the best practices of influential firms. When used together, they form an office productivity suite that encompasses the full lifecycle of project, client engagement, and email and document management.
Work 10: An Evolutionary Leap
Work 10 is a unified, device-oriented application. Its AI-driven smart features, security innovations, and end-user accessibility are the foundation of a uniquely intuitive email and document management system experience. This ILTA Award-winning application automates mundane office tasks, secures collaborative processes, provides oversight and threat detection, and is entirely device-agnostic.
Work 10 has been adopted as a fundamental by thousands of firms because of its demonstrable and significant contributions to firm efficiency profiles; it has become an industry benchmark by virtue of its simplicity of operation, access speed, contextualizing power, and integration with other popular office software products.
Tailoring the powerful control Features
iManage Cloud’s zero infrastructure, nearly absolute uptime percentage, customization potential, mobile access, and simplified, audited collaborative workstyle have helped it achieve a growth rate of over 300% in its three years since launch. iManage Support
This as-a-service option configures the iManage DMS in its most effective context as a productivity-boosting office system for law firms, corporate legal departments and financial firms.
iManage Cloud offers customers advanced encryption and total key management, the reliability of a globally diversified network of servers, and the scalability needed to effectively respond to firm growth without missing a beat.
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