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Best Dentures Christchurch

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Merivale Denture Clinic offers various services in Christchurch, from denture repair and replacement to cosmetic and partial dentures. Our goal is for every patient to leave with a smile.
Free Consultation on Your First Set of Dentures
First time getting dentures? You must have a lot of questions. Our experienced staff are ready to listen to your needs and discuss the treatment options available. Best Dentures Christchurch
Your first consultation is free, so don’t hesitate to contact us.
Denture Relining
The shape of the jaw changes over time. When this happens, your original dentures might not fit anymore. See how denture relining can solve this problem here.
Denture Repairs
Dentures might break and crack in half for various reasons, but they can be repaired. Learn how denture repairs work here.
Replacement Dentures
​Been wearing dentures for a while? You might notice that they no longer fit perfectly, which can be extremely uncomfortable. Learn about how replacement dentures work here.
Cosmetic Dentures
When you experience significant teeth loss, parts of your face might look deformed. Discover how cosmetic dentures improve your appearance here.
Partial Dentures
Tooth loss can cause your remaining teeth to shift, which can deform your jaw. Find out how partial dentures address this problem.
Your first set of dentures, a free consultation.
Tom invites you to a complimentary consultation to discuss your denture needs.
Our experienced and caring staff will listen to you and discuss your treatment options in a relaxed and friendly environment. Merivale Clinic
Denture Relining Service
 Providing your dentures are not too worn and the bite is still correct it is possible to reline your dentures to improve the fit.
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