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Best Hentai porn sites

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Yeah Hentai is widely known to come from the japs. Have you ever seen Jap porn where they blurr out the pussy? Yeah i know… how fucking annoying is that?. All thanks to Article 175 of the Criminal Code of Japan. I'm guessing That's why these porn dudes started drawing out these busty ass thick jap bitches getting railed by dudes with like anaconda sized hammers. The invention of Hentai was born! Even though they still blurr out some drawn vagina's and dick which makes no god dam sense.
Is hentai even any good ? Why not just watch normal porn with real humans?
Hentai is pretty cool because there really isn't any limits. I think its the twisted-ness and the wild imagination of the producers that make Hentai pretty wild and amusing. There are peeps into normal missionary porn and then there is peeps into school girl gang bang fantasies with a big red throbbing cunt squirting everywhere and massive plump titty's bouncing in the air. Sometimes its just the fucked up-ness of the story that gets you off. Best Escort Sites
What types of Hentai is there in your list why are these the best?
A growing trend in Hentai is cartoon hentai. Like the Simpsons or the Family guy porn, Typically doing straight incest shit which is another growing trend. Imagine watching a whole episode of those toons and its just a straight fuck fest of your favorite characters? Yes that's what this world has come too haha. Like anytime i select porn tubes i always go with the most popular and least spammy. These sites in my Hentai list are some of the top in the world.
Premium Hentai Porn Sites
Have you visited Japan before? The Porn Guy is helping you visit this country through this site and have some god damn erotic hentai bull shit! Thought the Japanese are only good at making sushi, they also have a special kind of sushi that makes you harder than a metal rod. You know what the Asian call this thing, hentai!!!!!!! Have you heard of this before, maybe you haven’t? Whether your a hentai Veteran or a newbie trying it out. You came to the right place with The Porn Guys list of Premium Hentai Porn Sites.
Porn guy thinks its okay to taste the various sites and to click through this one would also allow you to explore, not on Mt. Fuji or the Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park. We take you direct to the shaved or unshaved pussy park and great and hardcore scenes. Well, you might have seen different kinds of styles; I bet you have seen the Japanese hentai style of sex-plosion. You might have to hold your cock because it may jump start. Escort Sites
Want to know what the Japanese call your cock, it’s called a dragon and the Pussy is called a flower. Yes, if you didn’t realize that sometimes a dragon and a flower can make some AMAZING commitments then check out the Premium Hentai Porn Sites. If you don’t get hard or wet, then you’ve got to dig deeper because the best things reserved are for the most hardened fellow(s) and Porn guy believes you are one of them.
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