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Nexus Ingredient 100% Natural, Gluten Free, Non-GMO & Soy Free Hypoallergenic ingredients are specifically formulated for superior functionality in bars, baked goods, smallgoods, frozen foods and so much more.
Nexus functional ingredients are clean label, enabling food manufacturers to increase shelf life of foods, use as natural humectants, natural preservatives and anti-microbial natural additives. Natural Preservatives 
How to increase shelf-life of foods without making any compromise on safety? You can rely on Nexus Ingredient to enhance the shelf-life of your food products safely and reliably. Our natural humectants for food, soluble dietary fiber, and fiber sweeteners enhance the product functionality and quality in an admirable way.
You can use our natural preservatives make your products natural and clean label solutions. At Nexus Ingredient, you can find clean label ingredients of exceptional quality that offer a wide range of benefits. Our anti-microbial natural additives including fibers, binders, sweeteners, and humectants also improve the profitability if your products considerably. Soluble Fiber Powder 
A World Of Clean Label
Our lifelong passion for naturally overcoming food additives has led us to years of research & development in “clean label” Humectants, Fibres, Binders, Sugars & Fat replacers.
Nexus Ingredient works by delivering clean label functional solutions such as increasing shelf-life, better taste, improved texture and mouthfeel, whilst increasing yield & profitability.
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