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Welcoming the latest arrival to Total CAM Solutions – PUMA 3100

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The team at Total CAM Solutions has recently welcomed the latest Puma 3100 CNC machine to add to and increase capacity of our currect suite of 15 CNC lathe machines, here in Perth.
No more taking the part to another machine for additional work. The mill-drill capability on the PUMA 3100 Series will instantly improve your productivity. Speaking of which, the high-speed turret indexing and lightning-quick rapid traverse rates keep cutting time maximised. The bed guideways on the PUMA 3100 are on a 30-degree angle, which maintains a minimal, constant distance from tool tip to guideway. The result: maximum rigidity and virtually no deformation under heavy loads. Machining Services Perth
Total CAM Solutions now has 15 CNC lathe machines at our premises in Wangara.
The Puma 3100 allows free operation in all directions of the rotary milling tool using Y axis control to perform a variety of complex shape machining easily with high accuracy. It also provides outstanding performance from general machining to large & long workpiece machining. Quality Engineering Solutions Perth
Want to see what we have at our location in Wangara? We have state of the art CNC machinery in our 650 square metre workshop in Wangara that enables us to precisely manufacture any type of part that you require. We currently have 15 CNC machines including a CNC EDM wire cut machine.
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