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Colloidal Silver Particle Size and PPM

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Parts Per Million (PPM) is an indicator of how much silver is in a colloidal silver solution, and is NOT an indicator of strength or particle size. It’s the particle size and particle surface area that are important. Colloidal Silver Dosage for Dogs
With our proprietary manufacturing system, we are able to produce highly homogeneous, nanometer sized, silver particles, with an average size of 0.5 nanometer. This gives our colloidal nano silver a high particle surface area thus making it highly bioactive and bioavailable.
With most other colloidal silver production, including home generators, particle sizes increase with PPM so a higher PPM solution can have a much higher particle size due to a process called agglomeration. Large particle size will reduce the particle surface area, hence a reduction in bioactivity and bioavailability. Sovereign Silver
With our proprietary amperage, temperature and water circulation control technology, we are able to control and maintain the particle size even as the concentration of the solution increases, to 10,000ppm, in this case.
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