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Challenges in multicultural education

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Promoting multi-lingual, multi-cultural students can have a profound impact on their education, lives, and their communities; yet, many teachers and students struggle with how best to achieve this goal. 
Globally, there are more bilingual/bicultural people than monolingual/monocultural individuals. People from all walks of life are able to navigate successfully in any culture, given they have the right tools.
Promoting Multicultural Education
Developing intercultural competence (ability to interact effectively with people from other cultures.) is more than knowing how to greet someone in their language and what type of food his or her culture is known for.  Effective multicultural education provides opportunities to dive below the surface level of culture, to uncover the values behind the traits a culture exhibits, and to develop intercultural competence and tolerance.
Multicultural Communities & Multicultural Classrooms
The intimate connection between language and culture is strengthened through developing competence in understanding a culture, its value system, skills to navigate effectively, and a clear sense of one's own native culture and language.  Being able to interact successfully in another culture requires more than just knowledge of the culture's particular attributes, it also entails being able apply this knowledge and be aware of the personal reactions these actions may create.
TESOL Trainers provides communities, teachers, and students with experiential programs that encourage multiculturalism and multilingualism by exploring the marvel of cultural and linguistic differences, the benefits of being bilingual and bicultural, and strategies to enhance multicultural education.
Challenges in Multicultural Education
Educators and communities face many challenges in promoting multicultural education.
Teachers/Students may not have sufficient training in what intercultural competence is.
Teachers/Students may not be able to identify when a classroom issue is cultural and when it is not.
Teachers/Students may not understand their own culture and their own cultural biases.
Teachers/Students may not possess the skills to promote intercultural communication.
Intercultural Competence
Intercultural competence is gained by having the knowledge of cultural norms, the values they represent, how to follow them, and how they relate to one's native culture.  Much like non-native English speaking students may have to learn the language and culture of their community students also must understand the culture of academia and be able to use the appropriate tools to successfully navigate through this.
Getting TESOL Certified
There are countless English language teaching opportunities all over the world for those who possess a TESOL Certificate from an accredited teacher training institution like World Learning’s SIT Graduate Institute.
There are TESOL jobs for teaching children, teens and adults the English language.
There are  TESOL jobs at schools, universities, and private institutes.
There are full time and part time TESOL jobs.
Employers are looking for TESOL Certified teachers to teach for a few weeks up to two years or more.
The TESOL Employment field is vast indeed.
There was a time when experience and qualifications were not required; any native English speaker with a bit of wanderlust and a pulse could teach English abroad.  This no longer happens to be the case.  More and more employers require this, and more foreign governments have made this a part of work VISA requirements.  Contact John Kongsvik to learn more.
A TESOL Certificate is, at minimal required.
Today, teaching opportunities for unqualified English language teachers are fewer and most institutions require a TESOL Certificate as a minimal requisite for employment. You can read more about this here.
There are many kinds of opportunities for teaching English overseas.  If you want to start teaching your way around the world, Get TESOL Certified!  There are so many jobs teaching English abroad that are waiting for you.
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