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OEM Valves Suppliers

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Agile Valves Co., Ltd. is one of the most successful and high quality OEM valves manufacturers in China. Our manufacturing facilities are located in Taiwan and Shanghai and we have been in the valve manufacturing industry for over 20 years. Both our Shanghai valve factory and Taiwan valve factory are home to our highly skilled team of over 250 professionals, comprised of veteran valve designers, technicians, and very skilled manufacturing workers with many years of experience. Together, they are making sure that the production line is constantly running smoothly and with great efficiency by exercising strict management and control of the valves casting, processing/manufacturing, and assembly/testing processes. OEM Valves Suppliers
As one of the most trusted OEM valves manufacturers and OEM valves suppliers, we offer a wide range of OEM valve solutions to our domestic and international clients. Our products cover a wide range of valves variations such as stainless steel ball valves, low temperature valves, stainless steel valves, carbon steel valves, butterfly valves, gate valves, globe valves, angle seat valves among others.
Great achievements such as an efficient production line and high quality products of course wouldn’t be possible without the right equipment. Our custom valve solutions rely heavily on our state of the art manufacturing assets. These include complete production lines that are comprised of precision casting, CNC machine, welding, assembly, and high/low hydraulic/pneumatic testing equipment. Angle Seat Valve
Why Work With Us
As a professional fittings and OEM valve manufacturer, we have modern and superior manufacturing capabilities of high quality valve products such as stainless steel ball valves, carbon steel valves, safety valves, low temperature valves, fittings, butterfly valves and pipes among others. Our manufacturing facilities (at the Shanghai valve factory and Taiwan valve Factory) are being improved and upgraded constantly in order to make our manufacturing processes even more efficient in the output and production of high quality valve products.
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