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Be honest, what was the first thing that came into your mind once you heard of Erotic Monkey? At one time I thought it was a site where you go to see monkeys screeching like mad and having sex with each other and their right hand, but a site visit soon wiped that dirty thought from my mind.
EroticMonkey is where you go to hire escorts and read reviews of their services. Don’t tell me you have never heard of escorts or I will sic my bulldog on you tonight!
Escorts are very massively convenient and make it possible for you and anyone else to bone some of the most beautiful ladies, hunks, and trans in the world and make them bleed. All you need to do is have some money and these escorts will come to you and fuck your senses out of whatever hole you choose. Sounds fun, right?
Where was I? Oh yes. I was saying something about an Erotic Monkey review. So, tune in for a nice review of this escort site.
Erotic Like A Monkey For Sure!
You might not know this, but Erotic Monkey is a very popular escort hire and review site. I don’t know where the name comes from. Perhaps it is because most of the users on the platform behave like horny monkeys frantically trying to shove it into whatever hole they see and bragging about their cumming feats later on!
Know what the site logo is? An image of a monkey. This ape tightly clutches a banana, with a logo near it that says “never spank your monkey again.” No one needs to tell you that the monkey they are talking about here is that hairy pole that dangles between your legs and causes no end of trouble!
Erotic Monkey sure does a lot to make finding escorts convenient. Once you go to the site, their software automatically detects where you are logging in from. Next, it will post a list of the escorts nearest to you that you can get groovy with. How nice of them!
Site Design And Membership Blues
What's the use of hiring an escort whose reviews you are yet to read? I mean, what if you hire an escort without reading the reviews of all or most of the fellas that banged her and later find out that she likes biting dicks in half or something?
Well, Erotic Monkey is in business to make sure that is not gonna happen. The middle of their homepage hosts the newest escort reviews you can bone up on. Accessing this will however cost you a pretty penny, as you will be required to first sign up and pay for membership. Oh well!
The Erotic Monkey has a nice enough homepage and site design. I mean, there’s nothing to rave about, but things are pretty enough and work as they should.
Once you go to the site, you get a list of escorts occupying the homepage that you can browse through. All escorts also have detailed profile info you can cram and recite at your baptism or something!
At the top of the page is a search bar and you can use this to search for escorts by name, city, or even phone number. The very top portion of the page hosts a quick access button that users can use to toggle between the full site and browsing in a safe mode. The latter is recommended if you find yourself in a public environment or like browsing the varied asses on offer at Erotic Monkey in your cubicle and fear your boss unexpectedly showing up. Best Escort Sites
There’s also a site menu bar and you can use this to access the Forum, Blog, main escorts page, My Account, the Erotic Massage section, and log out of the site. There’s also an advanced search functionality that lets users search for escorts by body/ass type, weight, ethnicity, height, age, and more. The homepage hosts the latest escort-related news you or anyone else might want to read and checking out the varied forum topics is a must if you are new or want some entertainment.
What I Think
The Erotic Monkey site is cool and more feature-packed than most. It has plenty of escort for all tastes, though getting the most out of the site requires a paid membership plan. Overall though I feel erotic monkey is worth it; if you got money to spare that is.
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