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Mediation vs. Litigation

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Mediation is arguably the better option when it comes to resolving disputes, as it is usually faster, less expensive and more amicable than litigation. However, sometimes you may find yourself being pushed into a corner and the only option that you can think of is litigation. So, what should you know about the difference between mediation versus litigation? There is something considered to be said about the two.  First, it’s important to know and understand the difference between mediation and litigation so that you can be fully informed and able to make the right decision when it comes to dispute resolution with your spouse. South Florida Online Divorce Consultation
Mediation involves parties who have a disagreement or dispute that they are unable to resolve themselves but with the help of a third-party neutral is able to come to an agreement to resolve their issues. There are two ways that this can be done. One involves the traditional way where the parties will meet face-to-face at either the mediator’s office or at the courthouse. The other one is using the innovative way of Online Mediation or Remote Mediation. However, if you and your spouse are unable to resolve your issues at mediation, then you are left litigating the issues in court. So, what is Litigation?
Litigation involves you, your attorney and the judge. Most attorneys try to avoid having your case even get to court to save the client both time and money. When you go to court, your attorney will present to the court whatever you and your spouse have failed to agree on. The judge then evaluates the facts and arguments presented and issues a verdict based on that. With litigation, you have no other option than to meet face-to-face with the judge to resolve all your issues. This may be disadvantageous to those who live out of state from where the litigation is pending. Litigation can take many months or years before issues can be resolved. Broward Online Family Law Consultation
Online Family Law Mediation allows you to resolve your issues from anywhere in the world. If you and your spouse are living in separate states, this may be a better option to resolve your issues than to have to keep appearing before a judge. Online mediation is paving a way to resolve your issues in a quicker, cost-effective, more amicable manner!
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