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Nutrition Plans Online

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Some of you may have read about the question of fasting and the nutritional benefits that can be derived from it.  In the blog I also give a top tip on how to take the pain out of the process.  I thought I would follow up with a brief explanation of how it works when undertaking regular exercise.
As you might have seen from my website www.nutrition-guru.com I enjoy running long distances and at present I’m training for an ultra-marathon which lockdown permitting will be a 50km cross country event in the beautiful national park near the Bay of Rosas in Catalonia.  I’m only mentioning this because of the link to benefits of fasting. Nutrition Plans Online
So should you fast before training?  The answer is….
It depends.
What do I mean by that?  As a general rule, remember that we are all different and our bodies will respond differently, if you exercise after a minimum six hour fast you are far more likely to burn fat deposits but the downside is that you will not get so much benefit from increased metabolism.  If you train after eating a healthy breakfast (something like Bircher with berries, made with a good natural yoghurt) you will increase your metabolism and you will also be able to exercise harder. Registered nutritionist Online
So there are nutritional benefits both ways if you would like to know how it will effect you directly then please give me a call to discuss your requirements.  I promise I will provide all the nutritional facts that I can and relate them to you as an individual. 
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