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European Porn Sites

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So what do they get up to when they get horny? Well, some shoot videos of themselves touching their privates and having sex and post these to a broad range of XXX sites.
But today, we are not gathered to talk about all the porn sites on the globe. The only sites that we are interested in at the moment are European porn sites, right?
Anyway, it does appear that most European porn sites in existence are not incredibly popular. Sure they get a lot of visitors, but less than you or I would suppose. From this, I can surmise that perhaps the rest of the world doesn’t like to see Europeans fucking themselves and each other and having fun. But I could be wrong.
The Kind Of Porn To Be Had At European Porn Sites
If you are expecting to see really weird things at a European porn site you are probably going to be disappointed. Sure, there’s kinky stuff aplenty, but you won’t see stuff that’s not on other major XXX sites.
Still, for some reason, most European porn sites I have reviewed have user-submitted content of average to poor quality. Professional videos are there, but not plentiful, though Tukif does have a lot of studio-shot XXX that makes my balls tingle and jangle!
Generally, you will see a lot of self-pleasing and masturbation on European porn sites, at least on those I reviewed. I was rather shocked the first time I saw these and it felt a bit like watching your parents have sex. Not that I have ever watched my mom and pop get it on and do the nasty!
Apart from self-pleasing videos, you can also watch doggy style fuck clips, gaping clips, anal clips, massage, and lesbian clips and that sort of stuff on European porn sites. These clips are mostly user-submitted, so the quality might not be all that great.
Still, you will see clearly enough to be able to hold your cock loosely and open fire with it at anything that moves!
My Favorite European Porn Site?
Well, as for now, my taste is leaning towards Tukif. It has a catchy name that somewhat reminds of Turkish weed, which I of course have never smoked just in case the FBI or ATF are reading this!
Like I said I like the looks of Tukif and the kind of smut at its disposal. Unfortunately, though, most of the content is in French and the only French I know is the nonsense mish-mash I use to try to pick up the naive tourists at the local bar! The site also has GIFs and pics in abundance, plus a live webcam site where you can see ladies of all colors and ages get down and dirty hard enough to leave your breathless!
Apart from Tukif, 24Video is a nice site to visit if you fancy seeing how Greeks suck cock and have sex. Voglioporno on the other hand is Italian-focused, as are AmaPorn and LupoPorno. Not to worry, while titles and stuff on these and other sites might be incomprehensible to you, the videos there let you get enough action to last you a long while! Best Escort Sites
To be honest though, I don’t fancy European porn much. European chicks are another matter, with sun-kissed Italian babes with the longest legs often interrupting my dreams and making me wet the bed something fierce! Wicked girls them!
Anything Else Worth Knowing Before We Zip Through Your European Porn Site Reviews And Fap Like Hell?
Well, yes. It is important to remember that the main audience for European porn sites are Europeans. That’s why on most of these sites the language is not English.
Anyway, sex is a universal language, so, you shouldn’t have any trouble figuring out what’s happening when you see an erect cock going into a pert Italian or Greek ass! If you see sights like this and still can’t figure out what’s going on, I suggest you find an empty bottle and stick it so far up your ass you could whistle with the mouth!
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