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iManage Private Cloud

United States | General information | Popularity - 0/10
MacroAgility’s private Cloud iManage DMS service gives firms searching for an ideal service context an ideal solution: merging cost-consciousness with system control, enhanced security, and extraordinary reliability.
iManage Private Cloud
This iManage Email and Document Management System solution is cost-effective, but most appealing to many legal firms and financial firms by virtue of its firm-specific customization potential.
Control your virtual document storage and usage: choose how and where your data resides, and enjoy the flexibility and scalability of altering your storage and operations profile as your firm grows. And keep your most essential data secured right at home base. iManage Cloud Migration
iManage Private Cloud Benefits Analysis
Enjoy the flexibility of self-managing data allocation and archiving
Control your data integration and storage parameters completely while fully benefiting from Cloud scalability
Place some data on-premises, some on the Cloud
Select how and where your data resides, and alter your settings to suit changes and growth
Enjoy the security of on-site service while benefiting from Cloud security
Secure and lock away your most important data within your firm
Send backups to the Cloud as desired
Modify your Cloud/on-premises data allocation and operations as desired for optimal security and efficiency
Our Commitment
MacroAgility is a leading iManage partner. We take great pride in our position as an innovative and inventive source of resolution confidence, and in the confidence our clients have in our talented and experienced staff.
Our firm provides iManage DMS solutions—Cloud-based, private Cloud or on-premises—which neatly reconcile cost-effectiveness and the requirements of each individual client. It is very gratifying to know that our solutions have empowered the many law firms and financial firms who have consulted with us, and helped them to thrive in a highly competitive market. iManage Upgrade
Our best practices knowledge positions us as a source of resolution confidence in our field. We innovate to avoid cloud login and SSO problems, and we sidestep the delays and increased timelines that can result from improper testing and poor configuration.
Contact one of our consultants to discover how a MacroAgility private Cloud solution for iManage implementation can transform your firm into a more efficient and competitive company.
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