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Soluble Fiber Syrup

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Available in both Non-GMO Corn or Tapioca, FiberWorks™ is a Non GMO “clean label” all-natural plant based soluble fibre. 
It is used in foods and beverages to replace sugars and fats, increase bind ability and to increase nutritional fiber claims.
FiberWorks™ has greater than 89% dietary fiber by AOAC testing. FiberWorks™ can be added to increase fiber content, whilst improving texture & taste. Unlike other prebiotic fibers, FiberWorks™ has No Blood Glucose Spikes & No Adverse Gut Reaction.
FiberWorks™ maintains Lower Water Activity Compared to Other Fibres.
FiberWorks™ increases production yields, reduces rejection rates & produces fresher products.
Soluble Fiber Syrup and Powder
If you are looking to buy the best soluble fiber syrup, you can choose Fiber Works. You don’t need to worry about side effects when you add this soluble fiber powder in different types of food products including nutrition bars, cookies, baked goods, confectionary, favor systems and dressings.
This soluble fiber syrup has been used in numerous applications by a large number of manufacturing units. We offer this product at a reasonable price to make the purchase highly profitable. You can expect a perfect combination of superior quality and unbeatable cost effectiveness with this soluble fiber powder.
Peanut Butter Powder
Peanut Butter Powders are made from high oleic peanuts. Completely clean label & gluten free, no solvents have been used during processing. Various levels of fat, roast and protein are available. The peanut butter powder range certainly has an incredible flavor and aroma. These peanut butter powders provide vast functionality on the product formulation. The powders can be used as flavour enhancer, fat binder and texture improver. It is highly stable, with ease of use increasing shelf life and machineability. They provide good protein source. 
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