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Legal Document Management

United States | General information | Popularity - 0/10
The organizational potential of iManage’s artificial intelligence-driven Work 10 application allows lawyers to centralize documents, collaborate efficiently, secure confidential and essential files, and access project work from any device, at any time, from wherever they happen to be.
Legal Industry
Of the many challenges to the fluid operations performance of a successful firm, document management may be the most troublesome. Searching and locating, filing, distributing, selecting storage method, and dealing with multi-system and multi-platform contingencies all disrupt a firm’s daily efficiency. If the work hours lost are recovered, productivity and firm-client relationships improve dramatically. Legal Document Management
Best Features
Security is also enhanced in the best possible way. Documents may be easily classified remotely, automatically routed for classification and archiving, and deleted.
The iManage DMS AI-driven smart features include smart search, which learns from employee and partner work habits and anticipates future search-and-collate operations.
Productivity increases begin with centralized document storage. Simplified and streamlined access from any device, on-location or remote, makes continuous project work a reality, and greatly simplifies sharing of documents for collaborative efforts.
MacroAgility is an experienced legal IT software provider that specializes in iManage Work 10 and Share solutions for law firms. We know the terrain of the legal workplace, and we know how iManage can specifically benefit law firms while offering an incredibly attractive ROI.
The Benefits
Increased productivity
A litany of artificial intelligence-enables smart features. Reusable project templates. Simplified sharing, access, security and storage so you can manage client content and communications easily, from anywhere. Graduate-level productivity.
Enhanced QoS
Collaborative potential takes a quantum leap with Work 10 and Share. Keep clients and coworkers in the loop, every step of the way, and encourage insight and input.
Ideal access mobility
Access your critical data from anywhere, on any device. Online or offline, your project work won’t skip a beat.
Pinpoint resource utilization
Use the insights gleaned with Work 10’s smart search and knowledge management capabilities to put your best resources in their most effective positions. iManage Custom Development
Security according to firm and client policy
When it comes to confidential documents and emails, security is credibility. Your clients will be at ease knowing that their critical data is stored airtight, and in keeping with their confidentiality policies.
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