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Teacher training for ESL Programs

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TESOL Trainers provides highly engaging Professional Development on TESOL Strategies for today's K-12 educator.
John Kongsvik's K-12 remote professional development will forever change how your teachers and students approach online learning
Our experiential approach to teacher training empowers participants; our engaging delivery inspires teachers; our use of practical, no-prep strategies encourage teachers to immediately implement these  strategies in their contexts. Teacher training for ESL Programs
What are TESOL Strategies?
TESOL is an acronym for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. 
Many school districts across the United States are faced with rising numbers of English learners and the realization that they are poorly prepared for the challenge.
While many teachers have English learners in their classrooms, they may not have the necessary competence or confidence to support these students effectively. 
In fact, an overwhelming number of teachers admit to feeling inadequately prepared and poorly equipped to meet the needs of these students.
TESOL Trainers is your scaffold to success
TESOL Trainers offers a highly interactive look at TESOL Strategies.  Participants leave our professional development with scores of easy-to-use, high-yield strategies they can use the next day without preparation.
TESOL Trainers provides online professional development transforms teaching and learning.  Our remote PD is unlike any other online teacher training:  it's experiential, engaging, and empowering.
TESOL Trainers offers Online Professional Development for K12 Educators
Teaching remotely has its challenges for teachers and their students.  The English learner tends to have far more hurdles to get over in order to learn.  The challenge of remote learning is how far behind some categories of students fall.  Yet, there are strategies that K12 educators can implement that create a successful learning experience for English learners.  TESOL Trainers has a host of K12 professional development workshops that help teachers develop the knowledge, attitude, skills, and awareness they need to support non-native English speakers in the online and hybrid learning environment. Teacher training for EFL Programs
John Kongsvik and his team of highly skilled trainers provide 100% experiential professional development on TESOL Strategies for the content area teacher.  These interactive remote training sessions cover important topics such as:
Second language acquisition strategies
Giving clear instructions in remote learning
Scaffolding English learners into success
Making content comprehensible for all learners
Vocabulary development in the online classroom
Increasing oral language development
Integrating the four domains of language
Helping students increase responsibility and autonomy
Connecting students to the language, the content and one another
Engaging English Learners with their own learning
TESOL Trainer's Strategies Set Teachers Up for Success
Rather than dreading going to professional development, teachers look forward to attending our TESOL workshops. 
​After each session, teachers rave about how quickly the time passed and how much they enjoyed it. 
Even the veteran teachers say our teacher training workshops  are among the best they've ever attended. 
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