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Point of sale requests processes in manufacturing industries

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Attending Point of sale requests (PoS) in Manufacturing Industries is vital for business continuity. Points of sale and distributors need an agile and simple way to request samples, furniture, marketing material, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to follow up on these requests and respond in the committed time.
In this article, we will see concrete instruments to properly attend to the requests of the points of sale.
Automation of the Point of Sale Process
Receiving requests from points of sale across the country or region, processing them, responding, and ensuring they are resolved in time and correctly, can be a daunting task without the right tools.
Automating this process with Flokzu cloud BPM allows:
A public form allows anyone at the point of sale (without authentication) to start new requests. This is especially useful when it is not possible to buy one user for each point of sale person.
You can embed the public form in other applications or existing websites of the company, where the point of sale will access to make requests.
Define automatic alerts (through non-interruptive timers), to avoid exceeding service level agreements and committed response times.
Maintain the complete audit trail of each request. Store the full history of who did what and when.
Autonomy. “Do it yourself”
Using Flokzu cloud BPM, it is possible to automate and manage requests from vendors and points of sale without requiring external consulting services or technology experts.
A process is defined by two major components:
The process form, which will store the relevant data of the point of sale request. For example, what they are requesting, the date they need it, whether they will pay for it or not, etc.
The process workflow, whose BPMN diagram represents the steps required to handle the point of sale request. Here you can define which people are responsible for each task, the maximum times for each one, as well as the alerts and emails that will be sent.
The automation of the Point of Sale request process provides a unique channel for sending, receiving and responding to your point-of-sale network and distributors.
Consequently, the BPM Suite will let them know the status of each request automatically, reducing the associated costs and time involved.
In addition, it will generate a complete audit trail of requests, response times and people involved, to analyze and improve the process. This results in a better service to the points of sale, with the consequent competitive edge that this generates. Human Resource Workflow
In short, Flokzu helped hundreds of organizations to automate processes with these characteristics. We invite you to schedule a meeting to know your specific needs and build in just one hour, a complete process to better attend your distribution channels.
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