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I don't think a lot of providers realize the importance of the direct support staff. These are the people who work countless hours supporting individuals who receive waiver services. These are the staff who know the intricate details, work through individuals' good and bad days, know what they like to put on for work in the morning and how they like their cereal. These are ironically the SAME staff who don't always make fair wages and aren't often respected by management of organizations. I always say that if the direct care stopped working today across all organizations and all of us who are "on call" had to go work with the individuals to get them out of the house in the morning, there would he errors and attitudes. We wouldn't be as successful ensuring that they have a good morning and get out of the house with all of their necessary belongings, medications, etc... For a lot of us we would be strangers to these individuals but yet we write plans about them and speak on their behalf. I say this to say, Please respect and honor your Direct Care Staff, advocate for higher wages, help them obtain their own occupational code, find ways to show  appreciation to your direct care staff. Without them, individuals' lives will be changed and our success   in helping them live better lives will decrease. We appreciate all of the Direct Care Staff who do their job and take care of the individuals we support across the nation.  Group Home Consulting
As Hurricane Dorian makes its way up the East coast, are you prepared? Those agencies in the coast should have all of their emergency supplies stocked (they should already be in place anyway) and make sure that all staff know how to execute the emergency plan.
Some people believe that just because the eye of the storm isn’t on track to make contact, that nothing needs do be done. In fact, the winds and effects of the storm can expand up to and maybe even over 100 miles from the center. Check your local listings and stay up to date. you may still feel the storm even though it doesn’t come directly to you.  Group Home Policies and Procedures
I can't believe that it has been 12 years that I have been in the Human Services Field. It didn't fly by but I have learned so much. Throughout all my endeavors I have realized that I enjoy operations and ensuring quality. The individuals we support are vulnerable and it is our duty to make sure that we operate at the highest standard. I have noticed lately that No one really knows what is ever REALLY happening next. There are always constant redesigns, budget requests, Emergency regulations and just constant changes. Until the changes are 90% confirmed, no-one really knows what will happen. If this uncertainty exists on the business side, you have to imagine how that makes the individuals we support feel. It is so important that we continue to advocate and ensure the highest level of quality in whatever capacity we touch lives.
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