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As Hurricane Dorian makes its way up the East coast, are you prepared? Those agencies in the coast should have all of their emergency supplies stocked (they should already be in place anyway) and make sure that all staff know how to execute the emergency plan. Group Home Policies and Procedures  
Some people believe that just because the eye of the storm isn’t on track to make contact, that nothing needs do be done. In fact, the winds and effects of the storm can expand up to and maybe even over 100 miles from the center. Check your local listings and stay up to date. you may still feel the storm even though it doesn’t come directly to you.
By consulting with us we will share our knowledge as a Group Home Consultant, experience, education and expertise to help you achieve your goals and reach your highest potential. North Carolina Group Home Consultant
Every day is different in this field and sometimes the day to day challenges can take away from the focus needed to meet outcomes. We are outcome driven and will help you develop a plan to reach your goals.
We pride ourselves in having direct experience with agencies and support coordination in North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland and DC. Unlike many consultants we are local and have direct involvement in the work and changes that occur in system delivery and regulations on a day to day basis.
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