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My body belongs to me books

United States | General information | Popularity - 0/10
The Smart Tom: My Body Is Mine
-Do you find it difficult to talk with your child about his body and teach him/her how to protect their private parts?
-Do you have concerns about the ability of your kids to defend themselves, and whether they can say “NO” when required?
With this book, Play with your child “What If” game, to immerse him/her in real life situations and teach them by practice how to deal with them. My body belongs to me books
THE SMART TOM will be your kids’ friend who will guide them through an exciting journey to keep themselves always safe and protected. Coloring Books for Kids
This book will be your practical guide for teaching your kids, using living situations and simple language, the meaning of body boundaries and private parts, the importance of giving consent, how to gain the confidence to say “NO”, how to act and interact in response to different situations, and much more.
It will enable you to open discussions with your child about his/her feelings and what scares them and to teach them in an engaging manner that will eliminate anxiety, fear, and shame.
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