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Tap Dancing and Tap Shoes

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We all know about various dance genres where dancers dance to music and beats such as Ballet, Jazz, Ballroom, Hip-hop. But one of the biggest differences between these dances and the Tap dance is that while dancing to the music tap dancers create music too! Tap Dance Shoes
When tappers dance in a group, it looks so magical as they all dance together and make the same tippy tap sounds in unison. The rich tones of tap shoes are a joy to listen to.
A Brief History of Tap
Tap dance is believed to originate around the mid 1800s as a mix of English and Irish dancing also known as Clogging.
During the early 1900s Bill “Bojangles” Robinson emerged as a popular tap dancer who also performed in many Shirley Temple movies.
Later on legendary tap dancers Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly took the tap dance scene by a storm and became all time celebrities. Their style of tap dancing became the Broadway style.
Parts of Tap Shoes
Taps are the plates put under the sole of the shoes at the toe and heel to make the tapping sound. In earlier times the taps on the shoes were made of wood.  Later on metal taps became more popular. A tap shoe can have a single or multiple screws in the tap. Taps with 3 screws help to keep the taps in place, not allowing it to rotate and become loose. The front or toe tap is triangular in shape and the back or heel tap is u-shaped.
Upper & Soles
Most tap shoes are lace up style Oxfords but Slip-on tap shoes are also available in the market.
For beginner dancers, lace up tap shoes with full sole are more suitable as they provide more support and secure fit. Advanced dancers can wear split sole shoes as they provide more flexibility for complex moves. Tap shoes generally come with scored non-slip rubber pads at the sole. Dance Clothes Discount
Tap shoes come with low and wide heels to provide a more secure platform as dancers shift their balance from side to side. This is especially important for novice dancers. Advanced dancers can choose higher heels. Lower heels also help produce rich resonating tones that the tap dance is most known for.
Tap shoes made of leather are generally more durable and comfortable as they conform to the foot more easily than man-made materials. Even so, shiny patent leather shoes are very popular for little girls. These are Mary Jane style shoes with buckle straps. Nowadays instead of buckles, Velcro straps are also available. These are even easier to put on and perfect for quick shoe changes.
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