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Men’s Tap Dance Shoes

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Men seem to have been more drawn to tap dance than some of the other dance styles such as Ballet. Maybe it has something to do with the fun, energetic tapping sound made by tap shoes. Whatever may be the reason, tap dance has its fair share of male tap dancers.
Gene Kelly’s iconic Singin’ In The Rain dance sequence and Fred Astaire’s grateful combination of tap and ballroom or the signature Stair Dance of Bill “Bojangles”, tap dance history is replete with legendary tap artists.
Have a peek at this Youtube video of his classic Stair Dance performed by Bill “Bojangles” Robinson
The love of tap dance is still seen today as many kids and adults love to learn tap dance and movies such as Happy Feet help keep it alive.
Certainly tap shoes are a vital component of this dance. Dancers use their metal plated shoes to produce rich tones as they dance on their toes, heels or do a slide.
This brings us to delve deeper into the anatomy of tap dance shoes.
Shoe Upper
Men and boys tap shoes are Oxford style Lace up shoes that provide a secure fit.
The upper part of shoes is generally made of leather. Non-leather shoes are also available and it may be fine for novice dancers but once they proceed to advance level, it is preferable to wear leather shoes. They conform to the foot more easily and provide more comfort. Discount Dance Online
The sole of the shoes is leather or hard rubber and metal taps are put at the bottom with single or multiple screws. The toe taps are triangular in shape whereas the heel taps are U-shaped.
The non-skid rubber pad helps prevent slipping and provide enhanced balance.
Tap shoes have low broad heels generally as that provides a secure platform to dance on. This is specially important for novice dancers. Tap shoe heels start around 0.5” high and can go as high as 3”or higher.
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